Saturday, November 3, 2012


I got really bored today, so I decided to make cupcakes. I didn't want to make just any cupcake, so I made Christmas cupcakes! They were adapted from just a simple white cupcakes, but I made them into, as I call them, "Gabby's Perfect Peppermint Poppers" They were red on the inside with green or red frosting. They were minty and very yummy! Sorry, no pictures. My camera was dead.

Monday, July 23, 2012

New Store

I have been trying to start a store on Etsy. I am going to sell earrings, custom pillow cases, and figurines. I am still brainstorming more products. So I tried to make a figurine of this pony.                                                                             
When I baked my clay, her hair and eyes melted! I am very unhappy because I spent my whole allowance on the clay! Now I can't really start my store until i buy a better quality clay >:(


Saturday, June 23, 2012

temporary tattoo nail art

I have discovered a new way to create a cute design on your nails without having all the special tools. I found it while I was watching my favorite nail art tutorial maker on you tube. Here is the video... 

I chose to write a message with tattoos.

it says 12th b-day!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Lately I have strangely been cooking ALOT! For Father's Day, I baked my dad a layered German chocolate cake with filling. 
Yesterday I made chill for my family...... Sorry, No Picture

Today, I made Mini Layered Cakes. We ate some at a tea party I threw for my little sister. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

My Play!

I wrote a play! It is a mystery. I have a work in progress romantic play, but is is only half done. Here is my play.


N: Once upon a time, there lived some beautiful princesses who owned a very precious jewel. They put the jewel into a glass dome in their castle. They thought it was so safe that no one could steal it. THEY WERE WRONG!!!! DUN, DUN, DUN!!!

Bang: Come on Smite! We need to get to the gem room!

Smite: Calm down, we don’t want to look suspicious.

Bang: Ok, you’re right. I will go start on the distraction.

Smite: Good, I will go get the gem.

N: Once into the gem room, Smite found a way to open the dome.

Smite: The jewel! I finally got it!! (Speaking into a walkie talkie) Bang, create the distraction!

Bang: (speaking into the walkie talkie) Ok. (yell) FIRE!!!!!!

N: During the confusion of the fake fire, Smite and Bang walked out of the castle with the gem.


Lily: The Jewel! It’s Gone!!!!

Rose: WHAT?!?!? How could someone steal it?!

Detective Sasha Hansen: I think I might know. Your glass dome has been sawed in half. That is how it got out of the dome.

Jasmine: The question is who? Lily, Rose, did you see any suspicious people?

Rose: No, not at all.

Lily: I saw the man who screamed fire, but I don’t know who he is.

DSH: Can you describe him?

Lily: Yes, he was short and seemed young

Jasmine: Did he look like this? (holds up a picture of dunkin)

Lily: Yes that’s him!

DSH: He is the henchman for an international jewel thief name Smite. He is Bang.

Rose: I recognize him. He has been staying in the penthouse suite in the hotel next to the castle. He is always with a big man, could that be Smite?

Jasmine: It probably is! Detective Sasha Hansen, could we catch them?

DSH: Only in one way. We need them to think of us as friends.

Rose: How should we do that?

DSH: I need them to become friends with you two. Can you do that?


N: The princesses left to the hotel. They became friends with the thieves!


N: When the princesses got back to the hotel, Detective Sasha Hansen and Jasmine were there to explain the plan.

DSH: Now that you are friends, you can bring us so we can arrest them!

Rose: Ok, I will go Call Smite to ask him if we can bring you.
(On the phone) Hey Smite, can we bring some friends tonight?

Smite: ( On the phone) Ya, come over as soon as possible.

Rose:(On the phone) Ok, we will be over soon.
(not on the phone) Yes!! We’re in!

Lily: Yay!!!!

N: Once they got there, they were very friendly to Smite and Bang. Then Sasha said

DSH: Put your hands behind you back!!! You are under arrest for the theft of thousands of jewels!!

N: They caught the bad guys and put them in jail! And everyone else lived happily ever after. 

Tell me what you think!